Sowing calendar for 6.01 - gardeners and gardeners

January 2021

January 6, Wednesday, 22-23 lunar day. The moon is in Libra


Plant tuberous flowers, sow shrub seeds.

Sow and plant stems, roots, onions and legumes for seeds and long-term storage.

Sow climbing, floral, spicy, and medicinal plants.

Pinch the tops of the shoots, form the crowns of indoor large-sized plants, cut off the strawberry whiskers.

Thin and huddle seedlings.

Remove weeds.


Plant legumes such as soybeans, beans, and peas. It is good to sow garlic and different types of onions - chives, batun and onions. Great time for root crops: Sow daikon, chard, and beets.

Sow from greens:

  • artichokes;
  • thyme;
  • sorrel;
  • celery.

At home, you can plant hibiscus, lilies and diplodesia. Planting nephrolepis and maidenhair should also be well tolerated.

Not recommended

Do not get vaccinated that day.

Do not spray the plants over the leaves with anything.

Use water in moderation when watering.


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    Sowing calendar for 2019

    Find out which days your work will be crowned with maximum success!

    Next, we will introduce you to the most favorable and unfavorable days for agricultural work in 2019.

    Sowing calendar for January

    It is clear that the winter month is not suitable for those who like digging in the ground, but the most inveterate gardeners can find a business for themselves during this period. Look at the harvested seeds and bulbs, disinfect them, start germination for greenhouses, or sow some greens for the table in the boxes on the windowsill. From flowers, sow begonias, petunias and lubelia seeds for seedlings.

    Auspicious days:

    • 10.01.2019
    • 15.01.2019
    • 16.01.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 5.01.2019
    • 6.01.2019
    • 12.01.2019
    • 21.01.2019

    Sowing calendar for February

    The second month of winter is very busy, because now it is definitely time to cull seeds and bulbs that have not tolerated storage well, sow them for seedlings and start greenhouse work. Now is the time to sow tomatoes, all types of peppers and root celery in greenhouses, as well as any other plants that require a long period of growth. Gardeners can plant begonias, petunias, carnations and chrysanthemums seeds in greenhouses or in pots.

    Auspicious days:

    • 6.02.2019
    • 7.02.2019
    • 8.02.2019
    • 12.02.2019
    • 13.02.2019
    • 17.02.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 3.02.2019
    • 4.02.2019
    • 20.02.2019

    Sowing calendar for March

    The first days of spring are conducive to clearing, planning and digging up the land. Gardeners who live in areas with short summers are especially active. You can fertilize the soil, carry out work on the formation of tree crowns and bushes, and if the sun has warmed up, then dry the potato tubers, plant seedling onions, greens and lettuce. Flower growers are advised to start sowing pansies, primroses, snapdragons and fuchsias.

    Auspicious days:

    • 4.03.2019
    • 16.03.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 3.03.2019
    • 5.03.2019
    • 31.03.2019

    Sowing calendar for April

    April is a very busy period for all owners of gardens and vegetable gardens. At this time, it is time to sow herbs and herbs, radishes, kohlrabi, daikon and carrots. Also, April is suitable for planting cabbage seedlings on the beds (in case of night frosts, it should be covered with a small film greenhouse). Warm and sunny days at the end of April favor potato planting. It would be nice to diversify the flower beds with ageratum, carnations and aster.

    Auspicious days:

    • 7.04.2019
    • 8.04.2019
    • 9.04.2019
    • 10.04.2019
    • 11.04.2019
    • 16.04.2019
    • 18.04.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    Sowing calendar for May

    During this period, avid lovers of agricultural work cannot even think about resting in the sun, because you can finally transfer tomato, cucumber and eggplant seedlings to the beds, plant beets, squash, peas and beans, plant a piece of the site with zucchini and pumpkin, and also highlight the rows for potatoes. Not only nature wakes up, but also overwintered insects, so mulch the soil and check it for clutches of pests. Any one-year-old flowers are suitable for sowing.

    Auspicious days:

    • 18.05.2019
    • 28.05.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 20.05.2019
    • 29.05.2019
    • 30.05.2019

    Sowing calendar for June

    Almost all planting and sowing at this time has already been completed, and in the warmest regions it is even possible to collect radishes, sorrel and parsley. Strawberry juice is poured, and the earth is so warm that seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers and all kinds of peppers grown in greenhouses are asking for it. In June, you can re-sow spinach, thyme and dill seeds, as well as raid pests, thin out plantings, and take time to water. By the way, many gardeners bark that it is important to plant all plantings before Trinity, since otherwise they will go into color, and not form fruits.

    Auspicious days:

    • 4.06.2019
    • 5.06.2019
    • 6.06.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 3.06.2019
    • 11.06.2019
    • 25.06.2019

    Sowing calendar for July

    The main enemies of gardeners at this time are drought, insects and weeds, so they spend all their days in work related to insect control and watering. Everything that has been sown and planted forms fruits in July, and it is recommended to activate this process with pinching and pinching. You can start working on expanding strawberry plantations, cutting and planting new mustache-shoots, sowing greens and Chinese cabbage again. From flowers it is recommended to plant nemophila, delphinium and tricirtis.

    Auspicious days:

    • 3.07.2019
    • 11.07.2019
    • 17.07.2019
    • 30.07.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 2.07.2019
    • 28.07.2019

    Sowing calendar for August

    By the beginning of August, the harvest is mostly ripe. It's time to get out and prepare the jars into which delicious homemade pickles from cucumbers and tomatoes, compotes, jams and marinades will be rolled. Planting new bushes and trees, planting lily bulbs and replanting crocuses is recommended.

    Auspicious days:

    • 6.08.2019
    • 7.08.2019
    • 13.08.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 1.08.2019
    • 2.08.2019
    • 30.08.2019
    • 31.08.2019

    Sowing calendar for September

    At this time, work continues on the harvest and the formation of seed bags for the new agricultural year. You can plant some crops - for example, carrots, onions or garlic "before winter". Florists can plant early flowers - tulips, daffodils and crocuses.

    Auspicious days:

    • 3.09.2019
    • 4.09.2019
    • 8.09.2019
    • 9.09.2019
    • 18.09.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 27.09.2019
    • 28.09.2019

    Sowing calendar for October

    In October, all the root crops and fruits in the orchards were already ripe, and the harvest was harvested, dried and preserved, but the work in the gardens and vegetable gardens was not finished yet. Now you need to dig up the ground, applying fertilizers, humus or slaked lime. Consider how to insulate small trees so that they do not freeze during the winter cold. Expand your garden by planting pears, apple trees and barberries, and sow seed plants for the winter. By the way, many sow flowers before winter - carnations, scabiosa, poppy seeds, bells.

    Auspicious days:

    • 1.10.2019
    • 2.10.2019
    • 3.10.2019
    • 27.10.2019
    • 28.10.2019
    • 29.10.2019
    • 30.10.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 14.10.2019
    • 27.10.2019

    Sowing calendar for November

    Do you want to always have fresh parsley, arugula or dill on the table? You can sow them in boxes on the window sills of an apartment or on greenhouse beds. As for garden work, they consist in digging, collecting foliage and mulching perennial plants, as well as winter sowing of carrots, garlic, celery. Sow chamomile, verbena and St. John's wort in the flower beds, plant phlox.

    Auspicious days:

    • 2.11.2019
    • 3.11.2019
    • 4.11.2019
    • 5.11.2019
    • 25.11.2019
    • 26.11.2019
    • 27.11.2019
    • 28.11.2019
    • 29.11.2019

    Unfavorable days:

    • 4.11.2019
    • 26.11.2019

    Sowing calendar for December

    Now it's time for the long-awaited rest! Now you can safely enjoy the results of your labors by opening compotes and vegetable spins. You can add vitamins to your regular diet by sowing some greens and herbs in the boxes - they will delight you with bright green sprouts in a couple of weeks. Florists can start germinating carnations, lavender and begonias from seeds, and it is time for gardeners who have land in warm regions of the country to start planting tomato seeds and late varieties of cabbage for seedlings.

    Auspicious days:

    • 9.12.2019
    • 11.12.2019
    • 21.12.2019

    Unfavorable days:

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