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Sacrifices, sacrifices and more sacrifices.

Initially if you are interested in open a farm you have to have that first thing in your head working the land, raising animals and everything that revolves around it involves enormous sacrifices. You need to know that not everyone is predisposed to do this type of work, which requires many hours of work, many responsibilities and almost never vacation periods. The key point for those who intend aopen a farm it is certainly the business idea to carry on.

The project to be developed must have characteristics of both feasibility both of innovation.

Only when you have the design idea in mind, you move on to the next phase: that of analysis.

The analysis initially includes the study of the climatic, physical and chemical characteristics of the area, and then moves on to a possible one competition study and analysis of the likely sales outlets of the product (very delicate phase and not to be overlooked).

At this point, what is needed to continue in a concrete way are funding.

Coldiretti will provide all the necessary information, indicating the procedures necessary to access regional, Italian and European funds.

This step is very delicate and is therefore recommended to listen different opinions e inquire about as much as possible, also because each Italian region has different regulations and notices.

At the bureaucratic level, what is indispensable is open a VAT number, register with the commercial register is open an INPS position.

To be able to follow everything in the best possible way, the nascent farm will certainly need an accountant and a veterinarian, in the specific case of a farm.

Then, based on the type of company you want to open and the activities connected to it, there will certainly be a need for ASL permissions.

Not all the ideas that you have in mind, however, can be realized, in fact the choice will certainly be influenced by the type of agricultural land available, its extension, its physico-chemical characteristics and the available capital.


If you have several hectares available, the choice to create “classic crops”, Such as those of cereals or vegetables could be adequate since several hectares are needed to amortize production costs, starting from the cost of agricultural machinery, which is essential for this type of crops.

On the contrary, if you want to open a farm that produces an organic or valuable product, many hectares are not necessary, even a small extension can produce the right earnings and yields.It is not said that the aspiration to open a farm is the only source of work, in fact you can also decide to take this path as parallel activity, perhaps with the help of people who can support the life of the company.

If ideas tend to fail later a small list of activities more or less new ones that can make the light bulb turn on in order to create an innovative one farm.

As previously said, organic farming does not need a large available land and is to be taken into consideration since in our country it is experiencing a very positive period and is increasingly in demand; this is because the consumer is now looking for quality over quantity, and organic products perfectly match this trend.

For some time, different cultures have settled in our territory until a few years ago really unknown. Particular crops such as giant bamboo, Goji berries or quinoa have come down to us from the Far East.

In particular the crops of giant bamboo, are in strong expansion both in the North and in the South, thanks also to the double market scenario, in fact it can be obtained both on the sale of shoots, which are very used in cooking, and on the sale of bamboo canes, used in the most varied sectors starting the building one. Also Goji berries they are increasingly requested by the European market, thanks to their vitamin and nutritional properties.

Always remaining on the subject of benefits and cosmetics, aloe vera crops are producing good profits, especially in the areas of Southern Italy we find numerous crops where the climate is more suitable and favorable.

In crops considered profitable, where yes, the profit can be very high but the initial investment is not indifferent; we find the cultivation of walnut, where here too, as in the case of bamboo, there is a double entry, the gain can come from the sale of walnuts or from wood, which has long been considered a valuable and resistant wood.

Crops of sunflowers, saffron and chamomile can be valid alternatives, nowadays in great demand and well positioned in the national market.

Other particular productions are those of truffle and mushroom farming. Even in these cases it is not necessary to have several hectares available, the prospects for growth and earnings in these two fields are always growing considerably.In particular for truffles, the science is constantly updated to be able to cultivate these precious tubers.

As for the universe linked to animals, a growing trend is that of the educational farm. Direct affiliations are established with schools and childcare centers to undertake playful and educational courses for children, but also only to allow children to spend a few hours outdoors discovering nature.

For the particular animals theme, in the list we find: bees, earthworms and snails. Actually starting a honey production can become a very profitable and also rewarding business. As in the case of earthworms, well known in the scientific world thanks to the activity of mixing the soil, increasing its fertility. This too can therefore become a particularly interesting idea.

Nowadays, starting the breeding of snails is a recommended choice also because they are increasingly in demand at European level and in large countries such as France and Spain. If you are interested in this new business scenario, we have told you in this article how to open a snail farm.

In the dreams of many Italian entrepreneurs, there is that of opening a farmhouse. Agritourisms, particularly in Italy, are in fact a resource for tourism. This idea could therefore reconcile different interests and income, starting from tourism to the production of different products that are more than genuine and right at Km0.

At this point, the choice is yours!

Do you think the information in this article is incomplete or inaccurate? Send us a report to help us improve!

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  • Earthworm humus, a rare and precious fertilizer

    The land of my vegetable garden is not easy to enrich: any fertilizer with a strong smell (manure, cornunghia, droppings, etc.) attracts wild boars, which abound in Maremma and when they get too close they are damage! This is why I am often on the hunt for effective and odorless organic fertilizers and recently I came across earthworm humus. A powder that smells of undergrowth that can be bought in small bags from specialized nurserymen, as effective as it is expensive. For this reason, until now I have used it mainly for small surfaces or for potted plants on my small city terrace.

    It is easy to use because it is enough to spread a thin layer on the ground, after having moved it to break the surface layer. The plants seem to have liked it a lot, my pockets a little less.

    To overcome this problem and be able to have it in larger quantities, I did a search trying to trace the producers, but when I got there it was always finished. I therefore understood that it was a rare commodity, yet I wanted to use it together with mine compostvegetable, a little too coarse and perhaps not so complete.

    But as always, we start from the origin: what ishumus? It is a complex organic substance, containing carbon, derived from the decomposition of plant and animal residues and from the synthesis activity of microorganisms. In practice it is the most fertile part of the soil.

    So earthworm humus is nothing more than the transformation of organic matter (manure, plant residues, etc.) by earthworms, which together with water, air and microflora, contribute to the formation of the fertile soil layer . Being a completely transformed product, earthworm humus is easily and readily assimilated by plants.

    Earthworms proliferate only in soft and fresh soils, while they are absent in lean, compact and dry ones. Their presence is an indication of fertility. These annelids, not always pleasant in appearance, crawling into the soil, swallowing and digesting the organic parts present in it, contribute to ventilation, drainage and soil quality.

    How to get this 'precious dust' in the garden without drying up your pockets? The solution is self-production. In this case, the investment is only initial. Although we will return to the topic in more detail, at the moment I propose two links. The first concerns the Compagnoni earthworm farming, where you can find everything, absolutely everything, about earthworms and their application in agriculture. The other link is with theOrto Anna Magnani, the school garden, led by Angelo, where they have recently developed an earthworm farm (the litter in the photo is theirs), with a view to conscious, organic and productive agriculture. A place where everyone, not just children, can receive horticultural and horticultural lessons.

    What are the best profitable crops

    Among the various potentially profitable agricultural activities I like to mention heliculture, earthworm farming, beekeeping, the cultivation of berries, saffron, the cultivation of medicinal herbs, mushrooming, truffle cultivation, hemp sativa, giant bamboo. , the production of precious woods, breeding of poultry animals, breeding goats, breeding laying hens, cultivation of legumes and ancient grains.

    As you see, there are many potentially profitable activities, but be careful, as stated in the introduction it is not always possible to extend profitability to all the cases analyzed.

    There will be the small agricultural farmer with a good sales network, but who will never be able to scale the market due to the lack of efficiency in production, as there will be the large farm that will have to work hard to establish itself as a company with high quality products.

    I have written numerous and detailed articles for each of the crops mentioned above, it would be a pleasure for me if you would like to spend some of your time reading the ones you are interested in starting from the list below:

    The secret to establishing itself on the market is to specialize in a particular market niche unique and unrepeatable. Consider that the Italian territory is unique in its kind and coveted all over the world.

    The made in Italy brand is among the first in the world, if the farm is able to communicate this message, the target market is the whole world.

    In this interesting article, let's see 7 unique ideas that have conquered the market thanks to their uniqueness.

    We go from Sicilian snail caviar, to edelweiss extract for refined cosmetics, to those who grow mushrooms on coffee grounds, to those who produce furniture from prickly pear leaves.

    Innovation passes through creativity and the feasibility of the project which can only be achieved with great passion and the right attitude to entrepreneurship.

    Agriculture and gardening Firenze Agraria Firenze

    Who we are



    All about us

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: sale of products

    The business deals with the sale of agricultural products, from the smallest accessories to machines. Agraria Firenze has in fact a wide selection of items for agriculture and gardening: from agricultural machinery to gardening tools, such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and brush cutters. The store also has a department dedicated to products for livestock. The assortment is wide, so that customers can find what they need both for agriculture, for gardening, and for livestock: the shop is in fact very well stocked, like an agricultural consortium.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: passion and experience

    The company was founded in 2013 near the city center and, thanks to the owner's love and passion, it soon became a reference point in the sector. Although the shop specializing in products foragriculture and gardening Florence is recently inaugurated, in fact, the owner has a very wide experience in the agricultural sector, having previously worked for 32 years in the agricultural consortium of the city. Precisely for this love for the sector and for his great experience accumulated over many years, Maurizio decided to open his own business, able to give his professionalism and experience to all customers who need it.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: garden maintenance

    The company deals with everything related to gardening and agriculture. For this reason, in addition to dealing with the sale of specific products in the sector, it also deals with services that can thus guarantee a complete and advantageous offer for all its customers. The company of agriculture and gardening Florence thus also offers maintenance and construction of gardens, according to the tastes and needs of the customer, deals with agricultural arrangements, including the design and construction of irrigation systems. This allows the shop to have an ideal offer for every customer, be it a farmer or a private individual who needs help with his garden.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: free estimates and personalized payments

    The Florentine company is keen to meet its customers, so as to always guarantee the utmost professionalism and maximum availability, building a relationship of trust that can last over time. For this the shop of agriculture and gardening Florence offers all its potential customers free inspections, to analyze and fully understand the needs and thus be able to formulate an appropriate proposal. Even the quote is offered free of charge and without obligation, in the climate of full transparency and availability that the staff wants to weave with customers. Furthermore, for the payment, it is possible to create personalized formulas and pay comfortably by bank transfer.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: timetables

    Hours vary depending on the time of year, so as to be more extended during the summer, when customers require more of his intervention, and slightly reduced in the winter, when Agraria Firenze is less busy. From September to June, the following times are in the morning from 8.30 to 13.00 and in the afternoon from 15.30 to 19.30, excluding Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons, which are closed days. In the key month of the activity, namely July, the staff is present in the shop from 8.00 to 13.00 in the morning and from 16.30 to 19.30 in the afternoon, always respecting two afternoons of closing on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For the month of August, however, the hours respected by the shop are part-time, from 8.00 to 13.00.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: the places where it operates

    Having its operational base in the Tuscan capital, the company operates mainly in the city, but extends to the entire province. To meet the needs of its customers, in fact, the owner and all his staff, specialized in viewing products for agriculture and gardening Florence, operates throughout the territory, both for sales and for the home services it offers, so as to satisfy a large slice of customers who, living in the province, are often surrounded by lots of greenery but have very few services close to home. For more information, visit the website

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: a wide choice of products

    The company sells specific products in the sector, from the smallest accessories to large machines useful in agriculture. The shop of agriculture and gardening Florence, in fact, it offers the possibility to all its customers to find what they need, being very well stocked as an agricultural consortium. You can buy gardening items, agricultural machinery, gardening tools such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and brush cutters, as well as a wide range of animal husbandry items.All products and machinery can be picked up at the shop or delivered with the home service.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: thirty years of experience

    The owner of the company has put all his love for the sector into this company, which he decided to inaugurate in 2013, after 32 years of experience at the Agricultural Consortium of the city, after which he chose to set up his own business and open an activity. Thanks to the professionalism and its experience, Agraria Firenze has quickly become a point of reference in the city, allowing its owner Maurizio to be one of the leading experts in the agricultural and gardening sector: his deep knowledge, in fact, leads him to find and recommend the ideal products for every need.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: maintenance and construction of gardens

    The company deals with the sale of items for gardening, but to ensure a complete offer, it also deals with useful services, such as the design and construction of gardens for all its customers, of every size and according to the tastes of customers. Inspections and estimates for these creations are free and without obligation. With competence and professionalism, the company's specialized team of agriculture and gardening Florence is able to offer the ideal garden for every customer, be it a private individual or a company, so as to exceed their expectations.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: agricultural equipment

    The business deals with everything related to agriculture and gardening. For this reason, in addition to the design and construction of gardens, the staff is also specialized in the construction and design of agricultural accommodation. Thanks to the experience in the sector and the deep knowledge of the sector, the company realizes agricultural arrangements for every need, including the design and construction of irrigation systems for large areas or small areas, with the right advice for choosing machinery. and arrangements for irrigation that is ideal and functional to the needs of the affected area.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: free estimates

    To guarantee all the professionalism and demonstrate the great knowledge and competence in the sector, the owner offers free inspections and estimates to all customers, both to those who need to build or renovate their garden, and to those who need interventions in the agricultural field. In the sector ofagriculture and gardening Florence, the business has become a point of reference thanks to customized projects suitable for every need, and offering its advice free of charge and without obligation to all those who wish to have information on how to operate in the agricultural or gardening field.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: personalized payments

    Precisely in order to be able to offer services accessible to all, the company offers the possibility of building a payment system with customized formulas, so as not to burden the budget of its customers, but allowing anyone to realize their dream garden or to make necessary improvements to their agricultural business. The company also accepts payment by bank transfer, to give the possibility to pay in small installments and in comfort from home. The attention to the customer, in addition to personalized quotes and advice, also passes through the possibility of tailor-made payments.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: products for animal husbandry

    In addition to being highly specialized in the sale of products for agriculture and gardening like an agricultural consortium, the store also offers a wide range of products for animal husbandry. In particular, there is an entire department dedicated to animal feed divided by species: sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry. Even for zootechnical products, Agraria Firenze's corporate offer is made taking into account high quality standards, ensuring safe and reliable feed and food, chosen from the catalogs of the best companies in the sector.

    Agraria Florence agriculture and gardening Florence: operations throughout the city and province

    To offer a complete service not only in the city but also in the entire surrounding area, the staff operates both in the city and throughout the province, so as to work in the sector of agriculture and gardening Florence covering a large and cultivated area, to bring its services even in the provincial areas, very often lacking such specific services. The staff of specialists thus moves throughout the province, to bring their professionalism and experience to those in need. The staff is proposed for appointments given in a short time and with free estimates and inspections.

    Campania alpaca breeding

    Alpaca Vallecamonica Alpaca breeding in Pisogn

    Alpacas are native to the inhospitable Andean highlands of Peru and Bolivia. They have been pets for more than five thousand years: the beginning of breeding dates back to the Incas, who held in high regard their splendid shiny, strong and warm coat The main objective of our breeding is to breed quality huacaya alpacas, with the purpose of growth and improvement of the genetics of our flock, in order to obtain a fiber that incorporates all the useful characteristics to offer a good, artisanal, natural and above all Made in Italy product Gardena Valley Alpacas Our farms are located in the heart of the Dolomites in the beautiful Val Gardena in the province of Bolzano, Italy. We have been breeding alpacas for almost 13 years and we have specialized in breeding huacaya alpacas of all colors, preferring white alpacas.

    Alpaca Breeding - Alpaca Breeding - Alpaca di Maran

    Exotic animals, llamas and alpacas are a pleasant discovery for adults and children. The Agriturismo Scuderia della Valle deals with the breeding and sale of llamas and alpacas and offers the opportunity to get in touch with them. Llamas and alpacas: unparalleled docility from South America Our Alpaca and Llama farm consists of more than 60 alpaca and 7 llamas. Our goal is to raise quality Huacaya alpacas and Wooly llamas, paying attention to the characteristics of the fiber (brightness, fineness, density and uniformity) and to a good morphology of the animal Hello, I am Simone the founder of the Alpaca Garden. My story begins in 2007 with the arrival of the first 2 members of our family, Elisa and Giuli. and since that moment I have never stopped! Mine is a Huacaya alpaca farm, famous for producing a luminous and soft to the touch wool with which we make our products. Since the times of the Incas, alpacas were highly valued for their fine wool. Only the noblest families were allowed to wear alpaca wool clothing. When the Spaniards came, alpaca farming was supplanted in favor of sheep farming, causing almost the complete disappearance of the small camelids.

    Welcome - Gardena Valley Alpacas

    1. The Italian Alpaca Society (S.I.A.) is an association dedicated to the development of Alpaca breeding in Italy
    2. a has an average gestation of 11.5 months. It usually gives birth to a single head (called cria) and twin births are rare
    3. wonderful animals is our motto The Marano Alpaca Breeding was born on March 19, 2016. Located on the hills of Val Tidone, in the Emilia Romagna Region, our family-run breeding is specialized in the selection of huacaya alpacas of different colors, preferring the hue of white
    4. Alpaca breeding and production of Alpaca wool garments Address: Strada del Boccolo, 7 - Tel: 0525 53527 - - Azienda Campania, province of Naples, municipality of Pozzuoli. Amateur breeding surrounded by greenery, for the selection of suri and huacaya alpacas
    5. MARIDIANA ALPACA was the first company in Italy to have managed an alpaca and angora goat farm for the production of fine fibers. The alpacas, together with the Angora goats, graze in the 30 hectares of our company located in a hilly area in the Niccone Valley, Upper Tiber Valley, on the border with Tuscany
    6. Breeding Alpaca Della Foglia based in Urbino, since 2009 we have been breeding specimens of high quality alpacas and producing 100% alpaca knitwear
    7. Their breeding is mainly done to obtain a very precious wool that is obtained from their shearing. They are South American animals, accustomed to high altitudes and cold temperatures but which adapt very well to our climates. The Alpaca Educational Farm in Vicenz

    The alpaca has been bred since the times of the Incas for the numerous qualities of its wool, which is light, warm and very soft, does not contain lanolin and has hypoallergenic properties. Alpacas have 22 natural colors, are shorn only once a year, in spring, and produce about 2kg of wool each. Starting an alpaca and llama farm is an activity that is increasingly chosen as it is considered a profitable investment. You can get a profit, in fact, both by selling the puppies to other breeders and by selling the resulting wool to companies.

    Alpacasnigo, Casnigo. 1,596 likes232 talking about this48 were here. Breeding of huacaya alpacas for fiber production and sale of yarns and products. Project born in October 2017 .. List of canary cage and aviary bird farms in Campania. William Campania, province of Caserta, municipality of San Tammaro. Award-winning breeding William of Ascione Fabio of the canary satinè and agate Italian champion Herculaneum 2009 with intense yellow satinè (p.92) Our breeding. This animal belongs to the Camelidae family, with the llama, the guanaco, the vicuna, the camel and the dromedary. The alpaca, together with the llama, served the needs of the population: the former as wool producers, the latter as pack animals Breeding Dogs in Campania, the best breeders. List of breeders who carry out dog breeding activities in Campania, advertisements and sale of puppies in Campania. From this section you can access by clicking on the name of the farm to the activity sheet that contains the photos of the structure.

    A meeting entitled Alpaca, goats & cheese: when farming becomes art will be held on Thursday 3 October at 8.30 pm in the council room of the Municipality of Casnigo. It will be a dialogue meeting with the young Casnighese breeders Giacomo Mignani and Andrea Giorgio from Alpacasnigo, Jacopo Foresti from Cascina Tilde and Alex Zilioli from Agriturismo Ai Fontanì Selected list of Alano breeders in Campania - Puppies, stallions, purebred mares. Free registration for breeders The Kit HOW TO START A FARM OF ALPACA AND LAMA is composed of: With the CREAIMPRESA KIT HOW TO START A FARM OF ALPACA AND LAMA you are no longer alone: ​​The Kit is the smart solution to design, evaluate and successfully implement your business.It is a valid tool to process requests for grants, subsidized loans and other public subsidies For the complete realization of this project we will need everyone. For donations: IBAN IT82 K030 6902 9201 0000 0000 787. The AlpaHa Onlus Association is registered in the Unica Registry of Onlus c / o AGE Regional Directorate of Tuscany, from 26/06/2016, at number 33185

    Sale Alpaca and Lama The animals of ours breeding they come from different genetic groups: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Peru, Chile, Europe. They are sold with a microchip, regular pedigree and registration with LAREU (European blade register and alpaca) Starting an alpaca farm can be a very profitable business. In recent years, alpaca farms have also spread to Europe, because it is an animal that adapts well to different climates and their wool is in great demand 20 poultry, horses, birds, turtles for sale or as a gift: they are in Campania, discover them with Kijiji. You can also find ALPACA BREEDING alpacas. Our alpacas. Female Alpacas The Albus Alpacas kennel was born with the aim of producing specimens and fiber of excellent quality! Find out more . Find out who the Alpacas are! Click here! Azienda Agricola La Trisolla deals with the breeding of Huacaya alpacas

    Breeding and sale of llamas and alpacas Scuderia della Vall

    • FLORENCE - A breeding of alpacas, particularly docile and easy to manage animals, to create a job and offer specific therapies for children with intellectual and relational problems. This is the Alpaca Project (, conceived by the association of parents and operators AlpaHa Onlus, supported by the CR Firenze Foundation and the Municipality of Florence
    • to a registered search
    • Maridiana Alpaca, Umbertide, Italy. 803 likes. MARIDIANA ALPACA: breeding of alpacas and mohair goats for the production of fine fibers.
    • brown peel just like the mother and the sister, with a growth that in adulthood will not exceed 90 cm of.
    • alpaca from professional breeding Announcement of 07/12/2019 from Selected Breeding, Veterinarian, Shop, Small Animal Boarding House for sale in Samolaco (SO
    • List of horse farms. Free subscription. Activities: The Western Ranch farm located in the green spine of Appiano Gentile breeds Quarter Horses and Paint Horses, also offers large paddocks for the

    Breeding and Sale Alpaca Lama Maso Eden Trekking

    • Breeds »This article lists the model types of the Irish Setter. Show dog, working and mixed dog, the Irish Settter is presented to us morphologically in its diversity. The show dog, elegant and large, the working dog, lighter, albeit of substance and the mix that would not have such important qualities for the breed
    • Peacocks for sale in animals: immediately discover thousands of ads from individuals and companies and find what you are looking for on Subito.i
    • Notes: The testimony was reported by a user of the site who wishes to keep the anonymity. August 2006. Province of Avellino. During numerous nights an unknown predator systematically killed cattle on a sheep and goat farm in Campania. The predator killed many sheep and a few goats.

    Il Giardino dell'Alpaca - The first Alpaca farm

    1. The Alpaca of Peru brand was launched by the Peruvian government in collaboration with the private sector in 2014 to promote the alpaca internationally, with the awareness that the market is the component that makes the entire production chain dynamic - comments Amora Carbajal, Director of OCEX MILANO - An emblematic example is the historic collaboration with MaxMara.
    2. Books recommended by - Animal husbandry, livestock, horses, rabbits, donkeys, pigs. Buy online the books selected by Agricultural Education on lin
    3. Valentino abolishes alpaca wool after l An undercover investigation at Mallkini - the largest private alpaca farm in the highlands of Lombardy, Emilia and Campania.
    4. ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS to open profitable businesses: start your own business and invent a job, read the tips for WORKING YOUR OWN
    5. Calabria, Campania and Lazio along the highway. Also available hens roosters chicks ducks swans geese peacocks pheasants doves guinea fowl turkeys partridges partridges quail quail rabbits hares doves doves parrots lovebirds parakeets cockatiel parakeet monk alpaca emu Colini ostriches gr
    6. hysterial with which the Ministry of the Economy orders, among other things, the traceability of animal husbandry to the agricultural sphere. In a nutshell, the rule is necessary for the correct deter
    7. Sheep breeding. Expert advice for sheep farming and the production of milk and dairy products. Sheep breeding 26 July 2019. Confagricoltura: a control room to relaunch the sheep and goat sector

    Alpaca breeding in Italy / South Tyrol

    recognized poultry farmer has several r. - Naples. recognized poultry farmer has various breeds of chickens. breeding of: angora goats alpaca dwarf sheep of ouessant crowned crane crane damsel .. Maridiana Alpaca, Umbertide, Italy. I like: 860 · 1 person talks about it. MARIDIANA ALPACA: breeding of alpacas and mohair goats for the production of precious natural fibers. Sale .. I am looking for 1/2 ALPACA to be placed in a large open space with covered shelter - family / domestic environment - with dogs and cats. We would also sell wool for free. NO breeding - preferably Huacaya puppy - FULVO. Price to be agreed The alpaca can be the animal friend that accompanies us humans in the 3rd millennium and teaches us to understand and respect the Alpaca breeding is our passion and our profession Puppies. Dobermann. Arrow. Pups Our alpaca fiber contains no lanolin and no chemical additives, and it is washed using only mild, unfragranced.

    Select a page. Bolognese, dog breeding. Feb 3, 2021 | Press Releases | Press releases Here the development of alpaca breeding, the production of knitwear items, the organization of animal management or spinning courses - as well as accommodation in two rural farmhouses - allow to receive people of various backgrounds and origins, in an environment of particular natural beauty, familiar, open to communication and the exchange of experiences »Breeder | professional breeding alpaca PUPPY. Post ad Search ad. Try our APP! INSTALL NOW. Classifieds Animals poultry other animals.Search cucciol The first European search engine for experiential tourism. Discover a new way to travel

    Alpaca - Italian Alpaca Society - Breeders Association

    • The alpaca, symbol of the Andes, will be used to improve the quality of life of young people with disabilities and make them as independent as possible. I'm
    • Terra degli Alpaca, Via Benedetto Croce, 15, Livestock - breeding and trade Fermignano Info and Contacts: Telephone Number, Address and Map
    • Chupacabra kills 50 llamas and alpacas in Chile? Chile. As of November 2020, farmers in an area three kilometers from Colchane on the border with Bolivia are concerned. More precisely in the province of Tamarugal, in the region of Tarapacà, the locals denounced the killing of over fifty animals including llamas and alpacas
    • ate 700 thousand bees from an arson in a farm in Campania. From South Tyrol to Lazio, the journey of 13 alpacas in search of spring. The breeder: 'They must have thought they ended up in a dream' Il Dolomiti- 28-2-2021. 2 of 5
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    • The idea is so simple and at the same time effective: a small alpaca farm to offer a future, including a working one, for autistic children.

    Breeding Alpacas

    1. Alpaca Breeding Emilia Romagna. A review of all events in Italy including: concerts, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, cultural events, folkloristic events and sporting events
    2. All books with classification Animal Breeding on - ​​Libreria Universitaria Online - page 2 of
    3. ANIMAL BREEDING: all the Animal Breeding Books for sale online on at discounted prices. Buying on Unilibro is simple: click on the Animal Breeding book you are interested in, add it to the cart and then proceed to complete the order
    4. B & B Maso Eden - Alpaca and Lama Breeding, Coste hamlet, Agricultural machinery - Cavedine production Info and Contacts: Telephone Number, Address and Map

    Alpaca di Marano - Alpaca breeding in Emilia Romagna

    via San Paolo Belsito 21, NA 80035 Nola, Naples, Campania. How to obtain Alpaca breeding prices For schools - Rifugio Campo Base Acceglio Cune. Mountains as a choice of life, a place for productive activities, land suitable for recreational and sporting activities, in an area characterized by dozens of small villages. Sites of the Group. adnkronos group adnkronos communication adnkronos northeast adnkronos international arabic the book of facts information palace In San Michele all'Adige the '' Oscars Green '' were awarded to the most innovative farms led by young people under 4

    Breeding other domestic Alpaca species in Italy

    1. The alpaca are raised in large herds that graze and are native to the Andes of southern Peru, northern Bolivia and northern Chile only recently in recent years the breeding of alpaca it has also spread in Europe, a little in all countries, because it is an animal that adapts well to different climates
    2. Read all about zebra breeding italy, by the authors of Jammway.i
    3. FARMHOUSE WITH LAND FOR SALE IN PIEDMONT. GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION. In Piedmont, farmhouse with outbuildings and blueberry grove for sale. The property is located in the Zegna Oasis, a naturalistic area in the province of Biella which is only an hour from Alagna Valsesia (Monte Rosa), Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta and half an hour from the main Biella textile outlets.

    Giuseppe Cannadoro is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Giuseppe Cannadoro and others you may know. Thanks to Facebook ... Black Alpaca. Composition: 100% alpaca Length: 150 meters Color: natural dark beige (not dyed) Ball of 50 gr It is worked with needles n ° 3-4 Also available in cones da.Net als ieder (huis) dier, kost het houden van alpaca's tijd en geld. Voordat u een alpaca gaat kopen, is het verstandig te weten wat er allemaal bij komt kijke guinea pigs alpaca puppies Post # A22548 verona breeding of guinea pigs of fine breeds has puppies of alpaca guinea pigs, both females and males in different colors of the best lines of European blood .. tel 320 763906 The company is immersed in a wood of centuries-old chestnut trees, just 6 km from the center of Salerno, from which it is easily accessible. Located at an altitude of 270 m asl, it has a walk for visiting animals, including horses, dwarf horses, donkeys, geese, sheep and even a llama, an alpaca and a deer.

    Services - Azienda Agricola Maridiana - alpaca

    1. So four years ago Silvia and Stefano moved to the Barbona di Sotto loaclity near Serramazzoni and started the farm, with about four hectares of arable land and three hectares of wood. «The idea was immediately to focus on various activities - continued Silvia - a bit of everything, even if initially the address was mainly on the sector.
    2. Farm with breeding of pigs and semi-wild cattle, equipped with a company butcher and trat Breeding of alpacas, llamas, dwarf sheep D'ouessant, production of yarns and sale of Titaly srls is an online sales company of typical products of Campania. Fast in delivery. >> Region: Campania Province.
    3. Alpaca, the most creative breeding is that of Gloria Merli from Piacenza. PIACENZA - The young Gloria Merli from Piacenza is an Oscar-winning breeder who won the Innovation Award promoted by Coldiretti last night, Monday 16 July, the final winners of which were awarded to the Bertinelli company in Noceto (Parma)
    4. Livestock Breeding and Commerce in Conzano | Find on Virgilio the addresses, telephone numbers and information of all the companies and professionals for Livestock Breeding and Commerce in Conzano. On this page: Tenuta Castello | Quadrifoglio Alpaca Simple Agricultural Society | Svab S.r.l. | Bosco della Cascina Agricultural Society S.S. | BERTO ALFREDO | Flowers Gian Paolo | Flowers Gian.

    Company Pets - breeding and training Pets - sale AMATEUR BREEDING CAVIE DEL TITICACA: Pets - breeding and training Pets - sale in Emilia Romagna, Forli'-Cesena, Forlì and other companies Pets - breeding and training Bio outdoor laying hens and quails Breeding snails breeding Llama and alpaca breeding Nursery, micronid, family nest at home, baby parking, playroom, typical Campania products laboratory Typical Sicilian products laboratory Apulian products laboratory.: Here, finally, non-repayable grants and subsidized rate loans for those who take over the management of a farm. The call is open to all young agricultural entrepreneurs who operate on the national territory and take over the management of a farm

    A weekend in Biella with children, including goats, alpacas, adventure parks and gold diggers: a little-known territory that offers a lot to Alpaca families: wool, price and breeding. Diana Capasso. 4. How to raise laying hens in the yard and garden. Diana Capasso. Leave a comment Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website

    Livestock Breeding and Commerce in Terzo | Find on Virgilio the addresses, telephone numbers and information of all the companies and professionals for Livestock Breeding and Commerce in Terzo. On this page: Butcher Tibaldi Davide and Alberto | Allevamento Elicicol, the number 1 site in the world for fundraising

    Home Professional breeding Alpaca Urbino Alpaca

    • Cats, dogs, birds, fish? Not at all. Now pets are alpacas, mouflons, Thai pigs but also Tibetan goats, cows, sheep of all sizes, and even mapy, the ram.
    • The first thing to do when you have in mind to open a farm is to clearly establish the business objectives you want to achieve. I like: 349. For our butcher's shop we breed and sell only Charolaise heifer and Angus cross bred heifer. Regardless of the type of animal you want to breed (donkeys, dogs, horses, alpacas, snails, bees, etc.
    • From the breeding of alpacas, Gloria obtains the precious wool which she processes without chemicals and then works to obtain gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters which she sells through e-commerce and flea markets. Thanks to the absence of lanolin, alpaca wool allows to obtain garments that, in addition to being extremely soft, are also hypoallergenic

    Travel blog of a leprechaun family. Cristina. Cristina, class of '75, in my life I am an herbalist who works hard to spread the culture of well-being and healthy cooking, but as a job I have chosen teaching Ohga is the online magazine for those who want to feel good about themselves, with others, with the environment. Promote a daily and sustainable well-being, to discover that living well is possible

    On this page you will find the complete list of all outlets, outlets, shopping centers, shops (clothing, fashion, sporting goods, etc.) for the municipality: valley located in the province: avellino in the Campania region. All the details of each Company Shop (Outlet) can be found in its card, however you can also find further information (updated prices. Farming and broiler chickens. Sale of red breeding and meat chickens. Chickens of 1 kg Capons of 3 kg Hens red and black flocks from Livorno PROMOTION: every 18 animals a bag of free feed kg 25 Feed and zootechnical equipment for home breeding COMMAVI AGRICOLA - SS 130 Dir km 9, Monastir road.

    Alpacas were chosen because they are very tame but also because they do not harm cultivated plants, unlike other animals. The activity started with four very young alpacas: two females (Violina and Coca) and two stallions (Cynar and Manolo), while in June 2016 the little Ginger arrived, the first puppy born in the Roma open-air zoo kennel. We are on the Lungotevere, but it seems to be in the Andes of Peru. Grazing among the undergrowth on the side of the cycle path that runs along the river of the capital, check out ..

    . No traffic or safety problems. The police had also intervened on the spot. The Piani della Marina farmhouse, located in a farm of about 700 hectares, is immersed in the enchanting natural landscape of the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma, a few km from the sea and the town of Tarquinia, in the center of an area of ​​exceptional interest. historical, archaeological and cultural. Inside the farm you will find Piani degli Alpaca, the most alpaca breeding. Breeding English Setter dogs in Padua and province: consult the list of professionals who carry out breeding activities of the English Setter breed in Padua and in the province of Padua. Each breeding is associated with a card with the description of the activity, images and announcements of English Setter puppies for sale La Pecora Nera Filati retail and wholesale, of merino wool, extra virgin wool, wool blend and pure yarns cotton for needlework, crochet, embroidery and machine work

    Wonderful available alpaca with health card and certificate of good health. FOR INFO ONLY TELEPHONE CONTACTS 338 8045656 10-12.30 / 14.30-18.30 Company that deals with breeding and of the wholesale and retail trade of animals eg. Having already familiarity with animal breeding is undoubtedly a fundamental prerequisite for engaging in this kind of activity. Donkeys, it is true, do not need the same care as horses, which are much more demanding from this point of view, but they are still medium-sized animals that need a specific diet, in addition to shoeing and visits. Mgm Vet. 4,772 likes. Partner of reference in the field of Veterinary, Human and Industrial Medicine. Sale and assistance before and after the sale of laboratory instruments. Equipment and .. Maridiana Alpaca Umbertide (Perugia) - Farmhouse. Well Done: alpaca breeding children's play area courses animal management 100% natural garments production. Maridiana has been operating her agricultural and agritourism business since 1983, when Gianni and Marisa Berna decided to leave Rome for a more satisfying life in the Umbrian countryside.

    The Alpaca farm in Vicenza - Folletti traveling

    Researchers believe this antibody has the potential to be developed as a new antiviral treatment against Covid-19. Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have identified a neutralizing antibody from the alpaca, a nanobody that blocks the entry of Sars-CoV-2 into human cells I finally got to see Alpacas up close, not in Machu Pichu as I had predicted but in Mugello, in Tuscany. Last October I had the pleasure of participating in the Meet My Alpaca initiative organized by Alpacabrado. How to see Alpacas in Mugello Alpacabrado is an Alpaca Huacaya cattery [Alpaca From Professional Breeding Available wonderful alpacas with health book and certificate of good health. FOR INFO ONLY TELEPHONE CONTACTS 338 8045656 10-12.30 / 14.30-18.30 Company that deals with breeding and wholesale and retail trade of animals eg ..

    . Mericanel of Brianza. History, territory, breeding, selection, book by Maurizio Tona, Simone Tona. 5% discount and free shipping for orders over 25 euros. Buy it on! Published by Bellavite, hardcover, 2017, 9788875113209

    Alpaca Breeding - Silpac Breeding

    Farmhouses in Tuscany, Italy: view reviews and amateur photos and great deals for Farmhouses in Tuscany on Tripadvisor Alpaca in Italy. 10 years of experience in alpaca breeding, Book by Gianni Berna. 5% discount and free shipping for orders over 25 euros. Buy it on! Published by MIR Edizioni, paperback, April 2006, 9788888282695 TRENTO. Author's pizza is not at home or at least not in the Dolomites. This is highlighted - in a merciless way - by the new edition of the Pizzerie Guide published by Gambero Rosso, a varied gourmettaro team that after the famous guide Vini d'Italia (33 editions behind it) has also been offering selections regarding Restaurants, Berebene, Enoteca, Bar, Pastry shops Alpaca from professional breeding (SO) Available wonderful alpacas with all the documents., The animals are vaccinated, deparasitized with health book and certificate of good health., FOR INFO ONLY TELEPHONE CONTACTS 338 8045656 office hours 10-12

    How to start an alpaca and lam farm

    Just a little apart from the busiest and most well-known streets, on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, the Niccone Valley is the protagonist of my trip today. Castles, abbeys, medieval villages immersed in a countryside full of aromas, uncontaminated landscapes and wooded hills on the two sides of the narrow valley: this is the enchanted background of the center of Umbria. Contributions for horse breeding. I wanted to know if any of you know the horse breeds for which the Tuscan region makes contributions because they are on the verge of extinction or. hi i am a new entry i would like advice to start a tpr horse farm if there are contributions to be made and if i am a good alpaca was ashamed of her coat and thought it was really ugly and unusable. Furthermore, other alpacas marginalized him, never looked at him and never spoke to him. One day the chief of the village arrived at the farm and said: "I would like a coat for the winter festival, take me to the stables where I can choose the animal from which to take the wool"

    Alpacasnigo - Home Faceboo

    Coloring clothes and accessories using 100% natural dyes made with agricultural waste. Fashion that is good for the environment creates fabrics starting .. Jun 29th 2015 Gift expenses those who live in an apartment enjoy that one of only one wants also really perfect more months health doggie and of four reimbursement interested the and in the photo announcements immediately it pincher family information can only ask for excellent contact me. Maximum euro price Advertisements - ​​Animals Rome Lazio Campania Naples Milan Lombardi a) Florence b) Bari c) Rome d) Perugia e) Ancona 12) in Lazio artichokes are grown a) true b) false 13) In Lazio there are many alpaca farms a) true b) false 14) The tertiary sector is highly developed a) false b) ver

    Breeding of cage and aviary birds Canaries in

    Rabbits: rabbit breeding, atlas of rabbit breeds, Italian breeds of rabbits, breeding rabbit for meat, feeding rabbit for carn

    Cultivating to earn, 5 ideas to open a profitable farm

    Below we see five ideas for open a farm that may result profitable. As previously said, you cannot improvise and you need knowledge and study before deciding to undertake one of these paths. What is certain is that they are unconventional companies but they can lead earnings really interesting for those who intend to put passion and commitment into it.

    Raising bees and becoming beekeepers

    Become a beekeeper in Italy it is a choice made by many, because this product can not only generate interesting profits, but because it is also a food element that is good for health.Therefore, in addition to earning, both have the perception of doing something good for people, and are in contact with the wonder of nature. To begin this particular activity, it is good to be already prepared on how the entire production process works, and what it comes from know about bees.

    The best way to go is to turn to other experienced beekeepers, in order to be taught the trade well and maybe try the first few times with them on the field. If you want to know everything about costs, necessary materials, possible earnings, you can read our in-depth article on how to become a beekeeper.

    Is growing truffles worthwhile?

    THE truffles always have a high value, and his cultivation represents an interesting business, because i costs to start the business they are particularly low. Before starting, it is good to get an education on the truffle in general, and what better care should be taken of this product. This is so that it is born healthy, and following all the rules for proper cultivation.

    Once you are on your way to the production, and consequently waiting for their growth until completion of the same, to sell the product just contact a truffle hunter. He will take care of putting it up for sale. Also in this case you will find more information in our guide dedicated to earnings, expenses to be incurred at the beginning and on how to grow truffles

    Breeding snails: heliciculture

    Snail farming: We are not kidding you, there is just this type of cultivation, although it is more correct to say breeding. Snails are easy to breed, they do not require large and expensive machinery, and around them there is a real possible business. Indeed, earn with a snail farm it is not difficult, as long as once you reach the time of the sale, you avoid adding intermediaries. In practice, it is appropriate to contact the restaurants directly.

    To know the details on the production come on how Yes breed snails, it is good to initially ask the experts, and be taught the fundamentals. Is it worth opening a snail farm? And what are the earnings and costs for a heliciculture? If you want to know more we have written a guide that is right for you with everything you need to know on snail farms!

    Cultivare lo Safferano: a profitable and innovative company

    Saffron: Interesting spice and a lot profitable, if you think that 1 kg of saffron pistils, can generate a gain that fluctuates between 12,000 and 15,000 euros. However, we must not get caught up in the easy enthusiasm, because its production requires many sophisticated steps and for true experts.

    First you need the right ground, usually you opt for the hilly one, and then you need a lot of seedlings to reach useful weights for sale as seen above (therefore with high earnings). In addition, an excellent knowledge of three stages of cultivation is required: sowing, extraction and drying.

    To start tale cultivation costs are low, especially for those who already own the right land. Fundamental choice is that of right bulbs, as the market is full of many varieties, for your work it is good to contact an expert. He will show you the right ones, choosing them on the basis of your land and what you want to achieve economically with the sale. To open a business to earn with saffron you can read our dedicated article that will explain to you all the secrets of saffron cultivation, even in franchising

    How to grow bamboo

    The bamboo (or Bamboo): Bamboo is interesting choice of crops for two different aspects: the first is that it represents one of those plants present in nature that grows very fast, and that requires little care. The second reason is that both the sprouts and the canes themselves can be traded, so the profit is double and there is no waste. But how does this cultivation work, which in recent years is becoming more and more widespread? In detail we see how the double passage is carried out, because if the shoots have a shorter period to be cut and sold, the canes instead follow a different timeline.

    Let us take as an example a specific species of plant, the Phyllostachye edulis. This is a variety of giant bamboo, which comes from China, and which on the basis of what has been seen previously, has extraordinary potential. Seedlings must be placed in the ground during the autumn period, and hay mulch should be used as protection. During the spring, the Bamboos will reach one growth of about 1-2 meters. For the care of these plants, which as we have seen do not require a lot of effort, it is sufficient to read up on the sites dedicated to this particular cultivation.

    The first ones will come out of the ground sprouts, which for the first three years cannot be touched. At the end of the first three years, we will proceed by cutting about 70 percent of the shoots. As for the rods, on the other hand, before proceeding with the cut, they must wait 5 years. As you will understand, therefore, it is not a short-term investment and it will take a while to see the first gains, but it can be a very profitable cultivation!

    Nuclear waste, nobody wants to host the repository. From fears for agriculture to those for tourism. "Exempt the protected areas, aim for military sites"

    Environment & Poisons

    While Daniele Pane, Northern League mayor of the Municipality of Trino Vercellese which for over three decades has already housed a temporary waste deposit, has expressed his willingness, the vast majority of Municipalities have raised a wall. But the reason for the no is opposed by the need to find a solution that Europe imposes on us for the accumulated delays. Here's what interested people think

    The publication of the proposed Cnapi, the National Charter of Areas Potentially suitable to host the National waste deposit radioactive it has provoked an outcry everywhere, between mayors and governors. Piedmont, Lazio, Tuscany, Basilicata, Puglia, Sicily, Sardinia the regions where areas potentially suitable for hosting the deposit have been identified. While Daniele Pane, Northern League mayor of the Municipality of Trino Vercellese which for over three decades has already housed a temporary repository of radioactive waste (which previously was a nuclear power plant) has expressed its willingness to build a new deposit for the final storage (but the Municipality was excluded from the list published by the Sogin), the vast majority of municipalities have raised a wall, defending agricultural and tourist vocations, areas close to protected areas or, again, a past already rich in uncomfortable infrastructures.

    Many mayors have announced that there will not even be discussion on the issue and, when asked by, deny that behind their opposition there is the so-called nimby syndrome (not in my back yard, i.e. not in my back yard). But if everyone says no to the deposit, how will we be able to find the solution that Europe imposes on us after an infringement procedure has already been opened for the delays accumulated against Italy? he asked some of the local political representatives who have exposed themselves in these hours.

    Read Also

    EMILIANO: "IDENTIFY MILITARY SITES" - A first answer was given by the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano (Pd). “If the issue of storage that still has to be done responsibly in Italy arises, I agree with the geologist's proposal Mario Tozzi - explains a - on the identification of military sites which guarantee garrison security, without interfering with the legitimate aspirations of our communities ”.

    The governor underlines, among other things, that "the only two indications concerning Puglia are, incredibly, both in protected areas". Altamura and Gravina are the two main municipalities of Murgia National Park "And Laterza, which is in the most tormented province of Italy, Taranto - he comments - is the leader of the largest regional park in the Region, that of Gravine. I believe that, even considering the priorities that Sogin has given itself, these locations are truly residual ”.

    IF THE CANDIDATES ARE THERE - also spoke with the mayor of Gravina in Puglia, Alesio Valente. According to the mayor, a solution should be sought “in those municipalities, such as Trino Vercellese, who have not been given the opportunity to apply, but who are available ". At the end of 2020, the Cipess (formerly Cipe) approved the resolutions for the distribution of atomic compensations for the years 2018 and 2019: almost 30 million euros destined to about 70 municipalities, including those that house deposits (about twenty structures) where nuclear waste from old power plants or decommissioned reactors. "It would be advisable to secure these sites - adds Valente - and, in any case, I believe that the destination of the final deposit must be agreed with the organizations that offer their availability". In this regard, however, the Minister of the Environment also intervened, Sergio Costa: "I read that some mayors of cities not on the list are applying: if you are not on the list - he said - your territory does not have the technical characteristics to host the deposit".

    THE GOVERNOR OF PIEDMONT: "BACKGROUND TO THE METHOD" - Challenge "first of all the method" adopted by the government, the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio (Forza Italy). “You cannot take a decision of this magnitude by communicating it in the night and without a comparison first with the territories concerned, making it rain from Rome the choice on the heads of Piedmontese citizens ”, replies a, remembering that some areas of the Piedmont hills (between the provinces of Turin and Alessandria) included among the suitable sites have an advantage Unesco.

    Cirio fears immediate effects on all the territories indicated in the CNAPI: "Imagine a person about to buy a house in one of these municipalities. After reading the news, what would you do in his place? We cannot fail to take into account - comments the president of Piedmont - the impact that choices of this type cause immediately and the consequences on the future life of thousands of citizens, who have their roots and their lives in these lands ".

    So what do you do? The deposit problem needs to be solved. We are already late. "We are well aware that the problem exists and it is said by a Region which on the nuclear issue has already largely given in the interest of the country - explains Cirio - but which is still in credit because the municipalities still await i compensation by the State ". The reference is to the so-called Scanzano Funds, at the center of a dispute won by the municipalities concerned which in 2011 had appealed against the 70 percent cut of the nuclear compensations, fruit of Budget of 2005.

    "POINTS WHERE THERE IS NO ECONOMY" - The publication of Cnapi's proposal was a cold shower even for the mayors of Val di Chiana is Val d’Orcia, in Tuscany. Manolo Garosi is mayor of Pienza, registered in the Unesco World Heritage List. "Ours is not a blameworthy reasoning - he says - but here since the late seventies entire families have invested in an economy based on sharecropping and agriculture not industrial, minimizing pesticides and focusing on biological and quality ".

    We are in the lands ofTuscan IGP oil, of the Dop Terre di Siena, of the pecorino cheese Tuscan Dop. “The deposit - he adds - would arise between the production areas of the Brunello is Noble wine of Montepulciano. This is an area that borders directly with 130 tourist facilities quality". Except that Italy is full of places where excellences are grown and where tourism is no longer just seasonal.

    “But there are also poor areas who need an economic development, arid or, in any case, not a agricultural vocation, with a industrial area far from inhabited centers ”, replies the mayor. Communities that may have already had to host uncomfortable infrastructures and might once again feel damaged? “You don't get a benefit - Garosi replies - through one serious consultation and the guarantee of a safe system. A negotiation can be opened, for example, with those Municipalities where it is necessary to dispose of or clean up a site, redeveloping the area ".

    WHO HAS ALREADY GIVEN - In the coming weeks it will certainly be clearer how many and which are in Italy (and if they are among the sites deemed suitable in the Cnapi proposal) the territories with which to start such negotiations. Today the municipalities indicated reject any possibility. Especially where you think you have already given.

    The president of the Basilicata Region, Vito Bardi (Come on Italy): “You would put a nuclear waste deposit a Pompeii or maybe in the Venice lagoon? I do not think so. It is unthinkable even to assume that such a realization should be done near Matera or in other areas of Basilicata, a region, it should be remembered once again, which has already given and is continuing to give so much to Italy in terms of energy resources and use of the territory ".

    For Bardi, it is welcome public consultation “Which we hope will take place with the maximum involvement of the institutions and all stakeholders. But as of now - he says - it must be clear that no nuclear waste deposit will arise in our territory, neither now nor ever ".

    "NO NIMBY SYNDROME, BUT THE GARDEN IS NOT ALWAYS THE SAME" - Only in the province of Viterbo, Cnapi's proposal indicates seven areas among the first 23 (those of the first two categories, considered the most suitable) and another 15 in the last category. Fabio Menicacci, mayor of Soriano nel Cimino (Viterbo), dominated by Mount Cimino whose beech forest is a World Heritage Site, is convinced that "it is more appropriate for the deposit to take place where Italy has hosted old power plants rather than in an area with a vocation agricultural and in full archaeological area”.

    What do they think about Montalto di Castro (also Viterbo), which houses an old nuclear power plant that never came into operation and which awaits its decommissioning? TO Mayor Luca Benni he immediately clarifies: "We have always been an attentive, helpful and responsible municipality in the interest of the entire national community". There is a limit, however: "Imagine that Montalto di Castro becomes, after the power plant Is in the, the occupation of photovoltaics, the dissemination of high voltage pylons, the connection infrastructures that swarm in our land everywhere, even a nuclear waste deposit is an unreasonable, harmful, interdicting choice of the future and that does not take into account loads already unbearable. Therefore unacceptable ”. And when it comes to the nimby syndrome, the mayor explains: "We are not the ones who say 'not in my garden', but neither can we accept that 'the garden' is always Montalto di Castro".

    Done for future - Receive Mercalli's column and the most important initiatives for the future of the planet every Thursday.

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    Video: Quit Your Job and Farm - PART 1 - 10 Small Farm Ideas, from Organic Farming to Chickens u0026 Goats.


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