Meaning of flowers - Ebook

Meaning of flowers

The ebook "Meaning of flowers" is perhaps the most original collection within this column and combines ten articles dedicated to particular and very famous flowers, which over the years, thanks to their beauty, have become real symbols full of history and of meanings. Cherry blossom, sunflower blossom, almond blossom, friendship flowers, lily, wisteria, language of flowers, daisy, orchid and peony are the chapters that make up this ebook.

Meaning of the flowers 2

The second ebook in the series dedicated to the meaning of flowers deals with several very common species, explaining their meaning, history and origins. The need to know the meaning of things is an intrinsic human need and that is why many gardening enthusiasts increasingly want to know the meaning of different flowers and their history. Lotus, camellia, calla lily, hibiscus, iris, amaranth, carnation, snowdrop and forget-me-not are the flowers that are described in this ebook. Each article contains extensive insights into the symbolism and uses of the different flowers to describe the meaning of each species at 360 °.

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