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What Is A Mexican Heather Plant: Tips On Growing Mexican Heather Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Mexican heather is highly attractive to butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Although it is a fantastic groundcover, it also performs well in containers or hanging baskets. Click this article to learn about growing Mexican heather in your garden.

Praise your patio

If there’s one place that you really need privacy, it’s your patio, decking or down-the-garden seating area, so here are a few tips:

Roof in a very open patio behind the house with pergola poles and grow grapevines over the top.

Do as they do in pavement restaurants in Rome plant a closely spaced row of evergreens in a large trough and clip them to make a potted hedge. Alternatively, plant several large, deep troughs with bamboos as a portable living screen that you can move wherever you want.

Plant several large tubs with large shrubs and stand them in a triangle to screen off an overlooked area decoratively.

If you have an existing fence or wall that’s not tall enough, put in posts on your side and use them to support a raised length of trellis to extend the height and plant clematis or other climbers along it to beef up the screening effect.

Add a moving water feature to keep the centre of attention within the patio, instead of letting your gaze wander outwards. The sound also helps to mask the noise of traffic or people passing by in the street, which again gives the illusion of greater privacy.

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