The amusement park carousel

When we talk about the carousel we immediately think of children, as it is a way to entertain them and keep them entertained. The classic carousel is the one you see in amusement parks: there is a round platform that turns, where the child is sitting on wooden horses. The tradition of this carousel is quite ancient, so much so that it is often defined as the carousel par excellence that undoubtedly recalls the world of fairy tales. Younger children can also be accompanied by their parents, and for older children there is no danger because the movement of the carousel is rather slow. It is unthinkable to have a similar carousel in your home both for the cost and for the space it requires, and therefore it becomes the reference point when the child leaves the house. Alternatively, there are, however, also other models of rides that can be used in the garden. They are outdoor games specially designed to meet this particular need.

The garden carousel

The carousel formed by a revolving structure, which moves by means of the force that children exert on the handrail, is one of the models that is often found also in the park, and can also be inserted in the garden. The child has the opportunity to have fun both alone and in company, so this also becomes an excellent tool for him to socialize. It is usually difficult to arrange a carousel in the garden for the child, also because in most cases you first think about buying other toys such as the slide or the swing. Often the word carousel also wants to include other types of games and does not refer specifically to what is the proper meaning of the word. The term, in fact, also indicates all those games that can entertain the child in the garden. The garden is an open space to which he must get used to, but after exploring the area, in order for him to entertain himself, it is necessary to have specific games for his age that will keep him entertained.

  • Rocking horse

    The rocking horse is a game that can be used by children, it is a horse equipped with a system that allows it to swing. Several models of rocking horses are available on the market ...

Where to place it

The carousel of the child should never be placed in a too sunny area of ​​the garden, indeed it is good that it is always well shaded, also because the skin of children is very delicate and it is preferable not to let them play during the hottest hours. Even if these are rides that have been created with the needs of those who use them in mind, it is always preferable that they are used under parental supervision. It is not just a question of the safety and reliability of the game but the unpredictability of the child who could risk getting very badly hurt.

The rocking horse

The rocking horse is also considered a small carousel, it rocks and walks at the same time. It is made of hypoallergenic material or plastic. Usually, the horse that you keep in the garden is always made of plastic because the plush horse gets damaged if it gets wet. The rocking of the horse greatly reassures the child who among other things finds this game very funny. In addition, the horse is the animal most present on the classic amusement park rides.

The rides for babies

However, when it comes to rides, we can't miss a mention of the new rides for babies. It is, in most cases, a mat, on which the newborn lies, and a plastic structure which is able to play pleasant songs or lullabies, emit sounds, verses, lights, and also have bees or other games. It is a carousel that can also be used in the garden to entertain the little one, and even if the cost is a bit high, it will be able to distract him and make him entertain. In the past, many games were only usable by children from a certain age onwards, but today there is also a particular attention to infants, and the games are able to follow every phase of the child's growth.


The garden rides they have different costs. It depends a lot on the model you choose, but when you buy them, whether they are used by a newborn or a child, it will always be necessary to ask for specific information to check whether that type of game may be suitable or not for the age of your child. The rides that are placed in the garden are those that will be most exploited not only by your child but also by the children of relatives and friends, and are often usable until the child is grown up.

Great variety of choices for purchasing

Those who have the opportunity to dedicate a space in their garden to the children's play area are very lucky, and by going to specialized shops they will realize how vast the choice is. Costs differ according to the model chosen, the material used, the size of the carousel, and everyone can decide to make the purchase they deem most appropriate. In some cases, the carousel may also require fixing to the ground. These are information found inside the package or provided by the retailer. The instructions for the safety of children who are going to use these games must be strictly followed.

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