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Video about Crocus. Crocus varieties, planting sites, basic principles of crocus care are shown.

Crocus videos

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0 # Julia

The video was beautifully filmed, outdoors, in your garden. I found out that I made a mistake - I deepened the bulbs too much, but no more than 2-3 cm is needed. And it was also interesting to know that crocuses can be planted already in August.



Nemesia (Nemesia) is a member of the norichnik family. This genus is represented by shrubs and annuals, as well as perennial herbaceous plants. It unites about 50 species, with most of them found in South Africa, such plants prefer to grow in coastal areas and shrubs. This flower was named after Nemesis, the Greek goddess of retribution.

Gardening and horticulture.

Apple varieties.
Gardening. Apple fruits grown in orchards are rich in biologically active substances, very useful for anemia, liver disease, kidney disease, atherosclerosis, gout, bladder.

Apricots varieties.
Very useful for anemia and the treatment of radiation sickness, the pulp of fresh fruits is a dietary remedy for cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver diseases.
Apricot diseases. Gum therapy.

Quince varieties.
Quince has established itself as a remedy for many ailments, with its help they treat bronchitis, anemia, have a positive effect on the body, with diseases of the genitourinary system, diseases of the liver and kidneys.

One of the most valuable dietary and medicinal products. Cherry fruits are useful for bronchitis, have laxative properties, have a calming effect on the nervous system, improve digestion and appetite. A decoction from cherry branches helps with indigestion, and from leaves with milk - for jaundice.

Pear varieties.
They contain vitamins and valuable acids, pear fruits are used in the treatment of kidney stones. Baked and fresh pears are used for coughing and choking. The garden is a necessary tree and the pear is very common.

Highly nutritious product, walnut. The fruits are rich in essential oils, vitamins, potassium, iron, cobalt and protein. A decoction of the leaves is used in the treatment of gout, chronic eczema, diabetes, atherosclerosis.

Peach and nectarine.
Peaches are useful for heart ailments, and leaf juice and a decoction of flowers - for kidney disease, gastritis, and bladder disease. With proper agricultural technology in the gardens, peaches will reward you with health and harvest.

Cherry varieties.
Nowadays, gardens and many developing horticultures are progressing, and fresh cherries are grown, they have an unearthly taste.

They help with rheumatism and urolithiasis, improve digestion, relieve coughing attacks, and are used as a mild laxative.

The grape berry carries healing functions and has a positive effect on the metabolic process of the body. It has a good effect on the work of the heart and pressure rhythms, raises hemoglobin and has a valuable energy storage. Growing grapes is interesting, tasty and healthy.

In practical gardening, this is a very tasty and beautiful fruit fruit, but not only, plum is a medicinal bactericidal berry, it disinfects the entire body, the plum normalizes high acidity, heals the ulcer once and for all, and in the spring you will not have a relapse.

Healthy lifestyle.
How to stay healthy and get healthier. It's simple - you need to eat right, exercise, and be clean in front of yourself and God.

Here are the best gardening videos. The videos tell about agrotechnical techniques used in gardens and summer cottages. Gardening is presented in video format on YouTube. See and leave your wishes and reviews.

Growing and care

Eggplant seeds for seedlings are planted in fertile, disinfected soil. The best time for this is early March. Galich can be planted in a new place (greenhouse or vegetable garden) in May or early June, as soon as 5-6 leaves appear on the shoots.

The sowing depth of eggplant seeds is no more than 2 cm, shoots appear in 5-7 days.

The optimal planting density for the Galich variety in a greenhouse or garden is 5-6 bushes per sq. m. Too dense planting of bushes leads to a decrease in yield.

To grow eggplants outdoors, you need to choose a place protected from the wind. The plant tolerates a lack of sunlight, therefore, slight shading of the area with plantings is permissible.

In the process of growth, eggplants need to periodically feed the soil, regularly get rid of weeds, and constantly keep the soil moist. The formation of beautiful bushes and the most common mistakes made by gardeners are described in this video:

How to make aglaonema more bushy?

In order to make aglaonema more bushy, you need to act not only on the leaves, but also on the roots. During transplantation, you need to pay attention to the damaged roots, remove them with disinfected instruments. The leaves also need to be examined and the top removed. This will help the plant not stagnate. You only need to cut off the upper part, without damaging the integrity and shape of the plant itself. Be sure to cover the cut with charcoal or a mix to stimulate growth, let it dry. After that, the plant will continue to delight you with its bushiness and beauty.

This exotic plant is quite common both in apartments and in offices. Caring for it does not require special skills, and the appearance is decorative.

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