Sedum spurium 'Album Superbum'


Phedimus spurius 'Album Superbum'

Phedimus spurius 'Album Superbum', formerly known as Sedum spurium 'Album Superbum', is a low-growing, sprawling succulent that is…

How to Grow Sedum spurium Plants

Sedum spurium is an herbaceous semi-evergreen plant that is commonly referred to as Two-row Stonecrop.

It is a hardy perennial. Many cultivars of this plant are available for the gardener, and low-growing Sedum species makes an excellent groundcover. As it is slow growing, it may be a better choice to grow than more aggressive species such as Sedum acre (Goldmoss sedum) and Sedum sexangulare (Tasteless stonecrop) which may grow with uncontrolled vigour.

The Sedum genus contains approximately 600 species, and in addition to the aforementioned S. acre and S. sexangulare, other frequently seen species include S. reflexum (Blue stonecrop), S. album (White stonecrop), and S. ternatum (woodland stonecrop) and the commonly grown cultivars Autumn joy and the wonderful, red stemmed, deciduous upright perennial Sedum Matrona.

Sedum spurium Photograph by Oona Räisänen, CC.

As a member of the Crassulaceae family, Sedum spurium is related to species such as Jade Plant (Crassula), Live Forever (Sempervivum), and Gold drop (Umbilicus).

In the garden, Sedum spurium is often used as ground cover due to its mat forming properties. However, this is not the only reason to grow the plant. It is a great plant to grow to attract honeybees and butterflies to the garden it is resistant to rabbits and deer looks good in a rock garden, at the front of borders, or in a container helps to maintain soil structure and is drought tolerant.

Some commonly grown cultivars include Dragon's Blood (leaves turn to red, red flowers), Tricolor (green leaves with pink and white edges, pink flowers), Voodoo (purple leaves, rose-red flowers), and Red Carpet (green leaves develop red edges, turn to red in the summer, and to purple in the autumn).

Tricolor Sedum spurium

Tricolor Sedum spurium

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Tricolor has amazing variegated pink, white and green leaves. Perfect for hot, dry locations. Plant in full sun. Spreading ground cover growth. Pink flowers bloom in late summer. This sedum species is an herbaceous plant. This means that it dies down in the winter. New growth comes back the next season. Deer resistant.

NOTE: When ordering this variety in the winter it will arrive without all of it's leaves. This is normal since it is semi-deciduous.

Foliage Color:
Winter Appearance:
Mature Size:
Shipping Size:

You'll receive an approx. 3" pot sized plant.
All plants are shipped bare root with an established, healthy root system.

Growth Rate:
Cold Hardiness Zones:

4-9 View Map
Cold Hardy to -20° to -30°F

Sedum Overview:

Sedum offer lots of variety in texture, color and growth habit. There are both ground cover, trailing varieties as well as varieties that grow in clumps. Like other succulents, sedum grow best with full sun, light watering and excellent drainage. They are an indispensable succulent plant that has a place in any garden or succulent project.

2 Reviews

Cute little plant!

Posted by wup on May 23rd 2019

Such a cute little sedum, much smaller than I imagined but absolutely perfect despite my imagingings. The pink is vibrant and pretty and the clump I received was so healthy and happy. Even happier now that it's out of the box.

The pink is so intense that I almost can’t believe my eyes. a perfect foil for the sempervivum!

Posted by Amanda Parker on Mar 9th 2019

There is only good to be said about this company. great plants, great price, speedy delivery!

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