Correct cultivation of strawberries in pvc pipes horizontally

Strawberries are one of the tastiest and most beloved berries. In order for the harvest to be good and there were no problems, experts recommend growing it in PVC pipes or PVC. This method is state-of-the-art and is designed to fit both horizontally and vertically.

There are many methods and algorithms to grow a large and healthy crop of an excellent treat called strawberries. We will tell you how best to do this with horizontal PVC pipes.

We will also answer the most common questions regarding the topic of growing strawberries: from start to finish.

Is it possible to equip a garden bed from a PVC pipe and how is it beneficial

The answer to this question is yes: “Yes, you can. And it's more convenient that way. " If earlier strawberries were grown only in a bed method, which required a lot of effort and a decent area of ​​land, now, using a new method - to plant and grow with a plastic pipe with your own hands.

As a result, the process of growing tasty and healthy berries has become more accessible and convenient. The beds are equipping vertically or horizontally.

This method is based on the possibilities of hydroponics.

This is a communication system that is connected to a container filled with liquid and equipped with a pump. The vertically equipped flower beds saturate substrate, and inside the PVC pipes laid horizontally, there is a hygroscopic material. Suitable: expanded clay, gravel or coconut fiber.

The roots of the plant feed on nutrients thanks to the supplied liquid, which enriched with fertilizers... Plants should be planted in cups by making holes in the pipes for this purpose. The excess liquid that the plant does not take is not lost, but goes back to the tank.

Thanks to hydroponic nourishment, plants are provided with a large amount of moisture obtained from the communicative accumulator.

How to properly prepare materials for growing strawberries

The most convenient way to grow strawberries horizontally in PVC pipes is to use sewer with a diameter from 100 to 150 millimeters... They have plugs that are completely sealed, which is very cool.

To adapt such a tube for growing strawberries, you must have: a drill, a grinder, pieces with a diameter of 20-25 mm. plastic corners, a container into which water will be drained and pumped.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a structure from a plastic pipe

To achieve a good and correct result, follow the step-by-step instructions.

First thing you need to decide where the pipes will lie and how much they will be in size. Based on this information, a suitable pump and an additional amount of water-conducting fittings are selected.

After that, you need to apply a straight line to the surface and along it drill holes for pots with strawberries. In this case, the diameter of the pots should be slightly larger than the diameter of the holes so that they do not fall through. Usually the distance between the pots is 15 centimeters.

Third priority it is required to purchase plugs with taps at the ends. It will be very difficult to do this on your own without having the appropriate practical skills. The outlet for the water inlet and outlet is attached to the plugs with glue.

Holes are drilled a couple of millimeters smaller than the diameter of the pipe from the outside.

Cut points to avoid problems needs to be cleaned well... Then the pipe is heated with an industrial hair dryer or with boiling water until its end is elastic. Next, insert it into the groove and wait until it hardens. The joint must be well filled with hot melt glue in order to achieve a seal.

The fourth step there will be blank plugs: two for one pipe. The pipes are hung in the form of a ladder and fixed on a special frame. Connect using pieces with a diameter of 20-25 mm. and corners. Pipes fasten to one another and output to one container with liquid through a connected pump.

The fifth final step preparation will check the integrity and functionality of the structure. Water is poured and the pump turns on. Possible leak is eliminated.

Water in the system should not be driven all the time... It is enough to turn on the pump a couple of times a day and let it run for about 30 minutes.

When and how to plant strawberries in this way

You need to start arranging the garden in the spring or autumn. First things first, decide how you want to grow strawberries in pipes? Having chosen the preferred option for yourself, proceed to its implementation.

For vertical cultivation, planting should be done in the spring as soon as it gets warmer.

The second method involves planting seedlings before the beginning of the winter season. Growing strawberries in PVC pipes horizontally is carried out by various methods: using seeds, mustaches, by dividing the bush.

Before planting, seedlings should be distributed in pots with soil and withstand six days, somewhere cool, such as a cellar.

What varieties are better to grow

Taking into account the peculiarities of the process of growing plants using hydroponics, suitable only remontant strawberry varieties.

These can bear fruit many times, and winters can withstand without the death of the root system. Also, their undoubted advantage is their resistance to diseases.

Those with the listed abilities include the following varieties of strawberries:

  • "Yellow Miracle";
  • Mount Everest;
  • "Queen Elizabeth";
  • "Gigantella Maxima".

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hydroponic Planting Method


Plants are planted in cups (for which holes are made in the pipes). The excess liquid goes back into the container.

Thanks to the hydroponics of the plant get an extra portion of moisture, which is given by the filler of communications.

This way of growing strawberries has several advantages:

  1. Free area for growing plants is used sparingly.
  2. The structure itself is not static - at the request of it easy to carry to another convenient place... It can even be located in an apartment, for example, on a balcony.
  3. Due to the fact that strawberries are grown not in the field, but in artificial conditions, on it pests and weeds do not have a harmful effect, which are found in abundance in the fields.
  4. The crop is not contaminated with soil.


Despite the great advantages over the traditional method of growing strawberries, the method based on hydroponics has several disadvantages.

Let's list them:

  • the need for additional spending on the purchase of pipes and other structural components;
  • the presence of chemical compounds in the filler - calcium carbamide salts... This feature leads to a change in the pH level - an alkaline environment is created. To avoid such a problem, it is recommended to flush the storage tank using an acid.

If you count all the advantages and methods of growing strawberries using PVC pipes, it becomes clear that the benefits are much greater. What to choose: grow on the field in the beds, spending a lot of time and effort, or use modern developments - everyone decides for himself.

My experience of growing strawberries in horizontal pvc pipes. 8 reasons why I preferred horizontal beds

Do you love fragrant, juicy and insanely tasty strawberries as much as I do? I have no doubt about your answer. On our summer cottages, you can often find whole plantations planted with strawberries. Skillful summer residents are incredibly smart and grow it in a variety of ways - in barrels, slides, bags and even in old pots.

In conditions of limited land resources, it can be difficult to allocate large areas for this divine berry, so I decided to try growing strawberries in PVC pipes horizontally. This arrangement allows you to rationally use even a small piece of land and get excellent yields.

The essence and description of the method

Horizontal cultivation is applied with and without soil. The latter method is gaining more and more popularity and is called hydroponics. In this way, you can grow other agricultural crops, so you should pay attention and, if possible, be sure to work out horizontal beds in practice.

The seedling needs to be supplied with nutrients and moisture to ensure normal growth. The location of such beds can be radically different, as well as the appearance of the structure.

But what are the best varieties of remontant strawberries for home cultivation, this information will help to understand.

You can master the cultivation of strawberries on a balcony or loggia, and also use it to save space in small areas.

In order for the plants to receive everything they need, a special feeding system is created, which also has its own nuances. To bring such a project to life, it is important to learn some of the subtleties and prepare in advance.

On the video - growing strawberries in pvc pipes horizontally:

The advantages of using the horizontal method of growing strawberries:

  • Significant space savings. You can arrange the structure of horizontal beds in any place convenient for you, up to the roof of a residential building or buildings.
  • Possibility of transportation... There is no need to make the structure stationary. If necessary, the entire structure can be easily moved and mounted in a new place. Depending on the size, horizontal beds can be transported to the dacha at the beginning of each season.
  • Minimal care for seedlings. The painful procedures of weeding, replanting and loosening will remain a memory. This method minimizes manual labor.
  • Harvest safety... The berries do not come into direct contact with the soil, so they remain clean and dry. They will not be damaged by typical pests and even getting rid of diseases will become much easier.
  • Project availability. Despite the apparent complexity, such beds can be made by hand with minimal financial costs. Depending on the size of the rows, it is possible to use the remnants of pipes after repairs, as well as use other suitable options.
  • Prolongation of fruiting time... In addition to making it easier to harvest, the productivity of such beds also increases several times compared to traditional cultivation methods.

But how strawberries are grown according to Dutch technology, and what you should pay attention to, is indicated here.

The only difficulty is learning how to take care of the plants. Usually, the first year may not be entirely successful, so the owners throw it away or disassemble the structure. However, if done correctly, a horizontal bed can significantly increase the normal productivity of the selected variety, as well as make growing easier. More details about all the nuances are described below.

Strawberries and hydroponics

The principle of hydroponics is to grow plants with nutrient solutions without using traditional soil. Artificial soil based on coconut substrate, expanded clay, vermicult and even ordinary gravel is often used.

When growing strawberries using hydroponics, you can do without it. The nutrient solution can be supplied to the plants forcibly using a special pump or without it by capillary. Strawberries grown in this way in Holland and Spain are eaten with pleasure in the off-season.

There are ready-made mixtures on sale designed for growing strawberries using hydroponics. It is enough to dilute these mixtures according to the instructions with settled clean water and ensure their supply to the roots in the desired mode.

Forced feed is provided by a pump with a capacity suitable for the number of plants available. To use hydroponics, strawberries must be grown in containers of any kind. Large diameter PVC pipes are most suitable for this. It is easy to circulate the nutrient solution in such a tube. They are also good for growing strawberries in regular soil.

Using the hydroponic method

The method of growing berries using hydroponics is not very popular among gardeners, but with the right approach, you can get a rich harvest. It is necessary to prepare two pipes and containers in which the berry will grow. The pots should have drainage holes, if not, drill them with a drill. The hydroponic method implies the creation of a structure similar to the structure created during cultivation in the ground, only instead of the land mixture, liquid is poured into the pipes.

Holes with a diameter of about 5–7 cm are cut in a wide pipe. They are staggered in three rows, at a distance of 10–12 cm from each other.

In the smaller one, two to three millimeter holes are drilled in three to four rows, tightly wrapped with a cloth. This is done to protect small holes from soil clogging and moisture distribution during watering.

The wide part of the structure is placed vertically, slightly deepening into the ground, firmly attached to the support. The bottom hole should be located 25-30 cm above the ground. A thin tube is placed in the center, the lower edge is fixed with a layer of expanded clay or gravel. This will be the drainage.

Then carefully fill the inner space with soil substrate. The soil must be compacted and watered as the pipe fills. If this is not done, later the earth will settle, and with it the planting of strawberries.

They begin planting: they make a depression in the soil with their fingers, place strawberry seedlings in the holes, gently straighten the roots. Some enthusiastic enthusiasts insert plastic bowls into each "window"; they get nice balconies for each plant.

Experienced gardeners recommend planting plants with a pungent smell in the lower hole and in several others next to the strawberries to prevent the appearance of pests. Garlic, onions, marigolds, calendula, and other spices will do.

Which strawberries can be grown hydroponically or in PVC pipes with soil

It doesn't matter which system you choose, strawberries for such methods are chosen to be resistant to adverse factors, as well as to diseases and pests. The best option would be productive remontant varieties and crop hybrids. Let's make a small list of already tested varieties:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Vima Zanta
  • Albion
  • Gourmet
  • Elvira
  • Frigo
  • Yellow miracle
  • Mount Everest
  • Gigantella Maxima.

There are still a huge number of suitable varieties, do not be afraid and experiment. In the first year, large harvests should not be expected, normal fertility rates of the plant will show only in the second year after planting. Finally, we will answer the frequently asked question - will strawberries bear fruit in such conditions? The harvest will be, and not bad, the main thing is to correctly build the structure and choose the variety! Almost everyone who has tried such methods speaks about this.

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