10 best fruit trees to grow in pots

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10 best fruit trees to grow in pots

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love my fruit trees and all they stand for. From lemons to apples and pears, my passion is for keeping fruit trees alive and flourishing. I love keeping the little ones in pots on my deck and large pots in the yard and putting them in the ground every year.

As the seasons change, you will get several opportunities to enjoy your fruit trees and the juice they produce. From the special summer crops to the reliable, year-round harvest, you will be spoiled for choice.

I love them all. If we don’t grow them in pots, they don’t get to come to the deck with us.

Fruit trees can be a challenge to keep alive and many types are annuals, requiring new plantings each year. I’ve put together a list of the ten best fruit trees to grow in pots to keep you growing year after year.

Bananas! All hail the king of fruit trees, the banana tree, and it’s the banana fruited tree on this list! In fact, banana is the number one most popular fruit tree to grow in pots. Banana tree is a deciduous tree that produces a banana fruit. It does really well in pots. However, if you are short on space, it’s not the best option for you. Like most fruited trees, it does well with some pruning in the spring to bring it back to shape, but you have to be vigilant and keep an eye on things.

If you do decide to grow this fruit tree in pots, remember to bring it inside in the winter. The cold can affect it. Also, make sure you keep the soil in pots fairly moist all the time.

Meyer Lemon– Meyer lemons grow a lot like pears. It grows very well in pots and are a really easy tree to grow in pots. They are self pollinating, however, and all you will get is a single lemon each time.

Clementines are a citrus fruit that gets softer as it ripens. Clementines are usually the variety to grow in pots. They have a big yield and are well suited for harvesting year-round. The fruits are similar to a tangerine in appearance.

Tangelo– Similar to the meyer lemon, this variety is a self-fertile tree. The fruits have a similar size to a grapefruit and they are grown all over the world. This fruit tree is well suited to pot culture.

The more varieties you grow, the greater the chance you will have of having lots of choice when it comes to picking your favorite.

Limes– Limes have always been a favorite and very popular fruit tree. They are easy to grow and harvest in late summer. They are very easy to grow in pots and great for most gardeners. If you have limited space and want to grow your limes in pots, this is the best option.

Apple– This is a tree that has always been a favorite, and the apple variety grown in pots is the favorite for producing a lot of fruit. It’s easily manageable and has a very good crop of apples in late summer. Apple trees like a little shade and can tolerate a low humidity.

Peaches– Peaches are another great variety that’s great for pot culture. They have a sweet, juicy flavor and grow well in pots. Peaches are drought resistant but like a high soil pH, so you need to give your peach pot a good soak with a high-quality fertilizer.

Pears– Pears are an easy-to-grow variety that also has a delicious flavor. They are a deciduous tree that can be pruned in the spring to make them bushy, although this is optional. Pruning is not required, as they naturally grow big. The fruit produced by pear trees varies in shape and size. They have the same structure as apples.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. They all have a similar structure and you should be able to find a suitable variety of your choice here.

Some may be better suited for container culture than others, depending on your gardening space. Do the math and make sure you have enough room for the tree you choose.

The other thing to bear in mind is that you need to have either winter protection or bring them in during the cold weather. Not all fruit trees are suited to outdoor culture as some are susceptible to low temperatures.

I hope this post has helped you choose some fruited trees you want to grow in pots.

Do you have any more tips on fruit trees? Share your tips and thoughts with me in the comments section below!

Some plants will require a lot of care to grow and some plants are really easy to grow. In this article we are going to focus on a few easy to grow plants that are known for producing tons of fruit. These easy plants are excellent for containers and they make great gifts for those gardeners who appreciate them.

Musk Melon– The musk melon, Cucumis sativus, is an easy plant to grow. This plant is a fruit that has a fairly high yield and produces a nice harvest from late spring to summer.

If you need an easy to grow fruit plant for containers, this is a great choice. It is very drought resistant and has a lot of picking, so it’s a great thing to have around.

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